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I ran 5k today!

Three weeks after graduation I think? I'd taken most of a week off with a rotten cold and this was the first day I felt I could run again- I hadn't intended to push myself for that reason, just to run 35 minutes as slow as necessary. I think the reason I edged over the 5k was because I made efforts to be kind to myself and keep the run as flat as possible which naturally speeded up my average pace. Anyway, I had a big grin across my face walking through the town on my warm down after I heard Runmeter give me my interval time. Must have looked like an idiot! Can't believe I went from barely managing a minute to running 5k without undue difficulty even through I'm not well in 12 weeks!

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Well done Sarah! Great feeling isn't it!


Go you! Well done. :-)


Well done Sarah. Its great how much stamina you have after completing the c25k program isn't it. I find the first 5 mins the hardest then settle into the run fairly comfortable. Yet to do 5k outside though. Congratulations on your 5k....


5k in 35mins is a great time for your first 5k :)

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