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Reviewing the year

Does anyone else cast their eye back over the year in the run up to Christmas? Well perhaps between Christmas and New Year anyway. I am doing this right now, with regards to my health. I have lost more than 30lb since January 5th- good news for me I was significantly overweight. However I've also been dealing with IBS flare-ups, a viral cough so bad I was coughing myself sick for 10 days, shingles, frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis. I'm still so lucky to have a very able body, but right now it's beginning to feel a bit restricted and is getting me down.

I took up running after shingles because I felt so awfully untoned after doing nothing for three weeks, but couldn't go swimming because of my awful shoulders, and dog walking is less and less exercise ( my dogs are ageing faster than me, and my older dog has just gone into significant heart failure). I graduated the programme, feeling powerful, strong, positive- empowered by myself 😀

Then IBS kicked in and when it eased slightly I had to devise running routes which never went far from my front door, just in case.

THEN plantar fasciitis decided that running was going to hurt like hell whereas previously running was one time my feet didn't hurt!

I got lots of advice about helping to ease it... Meantime I decided running in the swimming pool might work. Of course I would have to make the time to go... Yesterday I did go and ran lengths of a shallow pool for 35 mins, nothing like as great as running outside but much better than gym work... And although I slipped and found the turns difficult I did get an enormous feeling of power and enjoyment on the straights, particularly when I got into a good style and found I was catching up a swimmer doing crawl ( on the straights- my turns were much slower than his!).

Also, looking for silver linings, the medication I have to take to be able to sleep for more than two hours with frozen shoulder means I can't drink alcohol - that's since September or so - must be doing me some good?!?

So, all in all, I guess I have to snap out of feeling down with all the problems and get to looking back and feeling pleased with losing weight and upping my exercise 😀

Anyone else want to look back and summarise their health happies and sads for the year?


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Sorry you've had a bit of a rubbish time of late - let's hope 2016 is a better one.

Although finishing on a good note for me, this year has been mixed for me too health wise.

A terrible throat and chest infection in Feb/March meant we had to cancel a much anticipated trip to Finland. That seemed to trigger ongoing and unexplained stomach problems all over the summer overlaid with some sort of virus which caused vertigo for a number of weeks.

So not the best year and my aim of covering 1000k will turn out closer to 700k after all the stop start.

However, touch wood, I am feeling fully restored and still enjoying my run/walks at least twice a week so there is much to be grateful for!


oh that sounds awful Ully- interesting that the dreadful throat / chest (same time as my cough!) caused stomach anf vertigo- viral infections are really weird and far reaching aren't they!

You have done really well all things considered! 70% is amazing :) and if you're keeping it up at least twice a week you are still keeping fit- it's good to remain grateful I think, it counterbalances those downers somewhat :)

Here's to a better 2016 for us both :)


You have had a hard time of it. I had frozen shoulder last year and my goodness the pain if I forgot and stretched that arm! It has cleared up now but I did not regain 100% movement. Can now raise both arms normally to the side and above my head but can't extend the left shoulder back as much. It is a real drag and having all your other problems on top of that ! Well done for losing so much weight, onwards and upwards from here now.

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thank you so much- how kind. 'Frozen shoulder' sounds like a minor niggle, it takes having had it to really get how awful it is!- I hope that, with time, you regain that left shoulder movement :)


Gosh Rainshine, you have had a rough time of it.

I had a frozen shoulder a couple of years ago - the pain was excruciating. It impacted on so many aspects of day to day life - dressing, washing, combing hair etc were so painful and took ages. In the end I had a steroid injection which eased it enough for me to do physio exercises. Like Bop I've slightly less movement when extending my arm back and it occasionally aches when I run, so I'm mindful to make sure my shoulders are as relaxed as possible.

Let's hope 2016 will be a better year for you.


It is nice to give yourself some laurels to rest upon when life gets difficult. Earlier in the year I achieved the Peak District gritstone edges run that inspired me, and another, longer run, 12k. The first of these set me off on a little non-running project looking for a set of sculptures dotted about my local area which has been satisfying.

I had flu in early May and don't seem to have recovered from that somehow. It has been a tough year dominated by the needs of my teenage boys. Being just that bit fitter has undoubtedly helped me cope, physically and psychologically.

I've not lost the weight I hoped for but I have been able to keep from going back to overweight. I've kept up my morning yoga practice and I have continued with my virtual River Derwent swim. The big disappointment has been not getting out on my electric bike - but I am reliant on the support of others for that.

It's been OK, in a year it could have all gone by the wayside, so I am pleased and grateful.


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