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Planning a session on a cross trainer

My left foot is still hurting today (I broke a bone in it last year). The two eight minute runs seem to have upset it. So I think I will go to the gym and have a session on the cross trainer, thus avoiding impact on my feet but keeping up the cardiac training. It will be better than not doing anything at all (no returning to the couch). Then next week I hope to be able to attempt W5R3.

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Sounds like a good plan!! Definitely don't run for maybe a week until it feels back to normal! :-) You'll be fine to pick it back up then xxx


Yes, I'll see how it goes. I am actually limping when I walk at the moment!


Get some ice on it! Ice is great for easing pain and inflammation and generally settling down injured body parts. I make up ice in paper or polystyrene cups. A cup will last for 8 to 10 minutes and you roll it about over the injured ankle or whatever, keep it moving to avoid ice burn. Do that several times a day

Those weight bearing machines are good for when you're injured. I used those at our local park. Good luck with it and I hope you're back out there soon

Getting niggly injuries when you take up any new exercise is very common but as you get stronger they get less and less


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