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30,20,10 #2

I'm not going all, 'tango, foxtrot, delta = Juliet Bravo' but I am giving you an update on my second outing with the 30,20,10 interval technique as promised...

So- at 06.02 hours this morning I disembarked from my front door and entered forth up the a370. Here is my listy:

I mile slow jog ( to warm up)

5 X 30,20,10 in succession. I really enjoy the gradual work up and then the full belt for ten seconds, very enjoyable

2 minutes slow jog recovery ( boy I needed that)

5 X 30,20,10 in succession. Tougher as involved an uphill but still loving it. After 2 of them I allowed myself 15 seconds of walking to calm down!!

2 mins slow jog

5 X 30,20,10 in succession. This last section was so hard....but I did it

1 mile slow jog to warm down...

Total time: 45 minutes, total covered: 4.5 miles, I am looking forward to seeing my peaks on Garmin.

I am feeling great and full of va va voom now . I cant wait for the next one...try it, its really fun :)

Happy Panthering,


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Brilliant Juju. That's quite a few reps too. I'm impressed with your energy levels there because the 30,20,10 doesn't half sap your energy levels!! Espesh on the 10 sec sections.

Once my back strain has calmed down, I'm gonna do another session of this plan. Its FAB fun!!


I feel I am to blame for the back situation :(

Yes it was really good fun actually but bl00dy hard too!!


That is really impressive JuicyJu. Did you use an app or did you just time it? I used an app but it seems to consist of only two repeats of five one minute 30:20:10 sessions with a two minute break in between. I was so relieved when the woman barked 'Session completed' that I didn't even consider starting it again. I just carried on for another 20 minutes at a comfortable pace. If you do use an app, what is it called? I tried two. One turned out to be in Norwegian. The other consists of an American martinet snapping orders at me. Neither is completely satisfactory!


Thats hilarious !!!! I just counted in my head and used fingers....


Sounds brutal but effective. Am going to give that a try next week.

I have been doing sprint pyramids from my boy Mill Hoy:

15 sec sprint, 15 s recovery jog

30 sec sprint, 15 s recovery

etc up to 90 sec sprints, and then work back down the ladder to 15, then repeat alternating 15 sec sprint and either high knees or side twist knees and 15 sec recoveries.

It is quite deceptively hard. the first couple of minutes you think it is reidiculously easy. once you're up to the 60 sec sprints though it is murder. I can honestly say I have had more DOMS in my calves from doing this than from any 20 mile distance run. Pretty sure it must have a beneficial effect on times.

Damn well better have.

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wow that does sound really hardcore and I bet thats really tough as I find the 10 seconds really tires me!!! What is a side knee twist??? Your times have really improved havent they? Must be working???


That post about Juliet Bravo, tango delta blah blah reminded me of that Victoria Wood sketch. Juliet, bravo, tango, delta, egg whisk pantie girdle, Charlie Farnsbarns. Tee hee


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