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Weather warning... Brrr!

Dragged my daughter out of bed early and we set out on w7 r2. Very stormy... Windy, rainy, cold, soaked through after our warm up walk. Managed 10 mins and by that time I was into my stride but she was looking decidedly fed up and is started lashing down... So we headed home. A bit sad we didnt continue but I can't blame her... it was freezing and grim. Home and warm shower, tea and toast. I will head out again in the week and maybe this short run against the elements and without Laura was just what I needed in my current process to defeat the 25min challenge :D


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I was just celebrating the fact the wind had died down and the rain had stopped so started getting ready to go out. It's just started again!

Still going though as I'm dressed. Do you wear a hat? I think that's all you need to keep warm. As long as my ears are covered I'm ok. I always end up too hot and end up taking my jacket off.


Hope you had a great run and the weather wasn't too harsh. No I wasn't wearing a hat... I might try. Just worried if I got too hot what I'd do with it - Haha!


Cold rain is certainly not inviting is it? I wonder how the winter will progress .. I may consider joining a gym so I can use the treadmill on the worst days. Don't worry though, I'm sure your next run will be triumphant!!!


Cold rain is horrid specially in your eyes! But I did feel like my skin was all cleansed, so that was good:)

Yep I'm a bit worried about what winter may bring!!


You get surprisingly hardy. I went out today and soon ditched the jacket!

Tortoise, I have a Buff which I wrap round my ears to keep the wind out and my earphones in place, but keeping the top of my head open and free to let the steam escape. On coldest days you can cover your entire head with the buff


Sounds like something for my Christmas list :D


I got a free one when I joined our jog group, it's go our logo on! Wooooo, lovely

There is a film clip on the Buff website to show you the many ways it can be worn. Go see

When it rains you could get a cap which keeps the rain off your face somewhat. I got one with LED lights in the brim from Aldi. Nike do running caps in loads of colours but they're dearer of course.


Thanks I'll check it out :)


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