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Flying to graduation Week 9 run 3

Beautiful day went out for the final run with my husband. We live in Normandy near Caen. Although he was far ahead of me it spurred me on and i actually ran faster than I ever had before (and a bit longer). It literally flew by.

Laura has been a godsend. No park runs here in France but quite a few 10k events (we'll see !!) I fully intend to carry on at least twice a week trying to gain pace as I'm still really slow. I also realise that living in a very hilly area means that I was doing steep uphill runs from the start. Downhill is fun though.

I would like to thank all the lovely people on this forum who have been so encouraging. i really thought I was rubbish at running and now I can see how much progress I have made in just 11 weeks (I repeated some of the first runs because I was so scared)

Good luck to you all and good running :)

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Well done Cath!

Keep it up!

I love France, have traversed it a few times...😉

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Congratulations Cath! I hope you are feeling very happy and I bet your husband is proud!

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Congratulations. Sounds like a great graduation run. And that hilly training is great for the stamina - you'll be amazed when you run your first flat route.

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Well done!

Sounds like you had a great graduation run.

Good to hear that you have a plan to keep running after the end of the course. Two runs a week should be enough to keep up that hard-earned fitness - and believe! You are a runner now!

Very well done - let us know how you get on working for those 10ks!

Happy running


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