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Wk4R3 tomorrow

Hello! This is my first post here :)

I had attempted different running techniques for a while but I got bored of them pretty quickly and never tried them again.

To cut a long story short, I started this programme this time last year and after I had completed Wk4R2, I decided that I was far too exhausted to do the third run. The 2nd was a complete disaster! I completely overdid it and knackered myself. I was very annoyed and disappointed with myself.

I quit running for a year afterwards.

4 weeks ago, I thought I'd try again and here were are. The good news is, I don't feel anything like I did last year and I feel confident that I can get through Wk4R3! I am actually looking forward to it. I bought a winter running jacket last year so I am determined to have the chance to actually use it this time (providing it actually gets cold enough!!).

I will post tomorrow to let you all know how I got on!

Thanks for reading :)

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I found that once I'd learned to run with C25K, I didn't want a jacket. Minus 10 and I am still in the same kit of long leggings and long sleeved t shirt - so long as I have good gloves and buffs on head and round neck that is. Even in rain and hail I've not found a jacket preferable, although maybe for one of my longer runs it would be a good idea (given that I am running on moors etc sometimes)

Good for you for coming back to running - it sounds as though you have lots to gain from doing the programme and it is all happening for you.


Good for you! You certainly sound like you believe can do it this time, and that mental battle is huge! Good luck with your next run.👍


Sounds like this time will be different and you're in the right frame of mind. Keep that positivity. You can do it!


Go for it. You'll be a graduate this time


What do you think made the difference this time round?



Well, the good news is, I completed w4r3! I have literally just come back from w5r1!

To Bananabanana, last time I had a number of issues such as: I used to take my dog with me and at that point last time she really became a distraction whenever I went out because I was always worrying about where she was/what she was doing. Also, I tried to change the area where I was running and I think it was too bumpy of a terrain and too far from home at that stage. I think I got a bad cold around that time as well.

This time I started again feeling a bit more positive about it and I decided not to take the dog with me (she yells at me when I get home though).

(I started typing this over an hour ago and forgot haha!)


I take my dog along too! She takes care of herself though. She brings a ball along in case I throw it for her (I don't, but it makes her want to keep up with me) and she goes off lead since it's easier that way.

I run laps along the road in front of my house And back.


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