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Very happy that I tried the running club tonight. Now I have graduated I want to improve my strength and fitness and avoid injury. It was great, the instructor showed us how to do a warm up run, exercises and then we ran 1.5K to see our speed! Stretch exercises to finish, even gave me some running tips which were very helpful. I did C25K on my own but brilliant to be with other runners even if I was the slowest tonight, they were all very kind!!

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  • I have always been nervous about a running club, since I am as slow as a snail! However, I will say runners can be the most supportive bunch! kudos to you!

  • I've joined a local club, it's one of the Run England ones, and seems great. No pressure, trained leaders, range of levels and routes, very friendly, and now it's dark and wintery nice to have company even if it's just someone to puff and pant next to!

    Also I enjoy the fact someone else plans a route for me!

    Found a real life Laura too! We plod along at same pace ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great idea, good for you. I imagine that will help you stay motivated.

  • Shop around, the first one I went to was ok but it cost ยฃ2 to run round the streets, no warm up, no cool down and my legs were wrecked by the end of it because there were several downhills and it jarred my knees as I was worried about getting left behind and lost. Second one I learned warm ups cool down and stretches and got some fantastic advice from a trained instructor, very friendly people even though I am the slowest one there and we ran on a track which was much better for my legs. Like everything, takes time to find what u r looking for ๐Ÿ˜Š

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