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I’m supposed to be going to a running club tonight for the first time! They said I can do my w8r3 during their run the walk the rest. I do know that one of the leaders of it stay at the back, surely I will slow her down too much. I’m getting a bit nervous about going now. Also I’ve never run in front of anyone before. Should I wait till my speed and distance are up a bit more?

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Get out there and enjoy it. You’ve had the discussion with them and they’re happy for you to run then walk, so no need to feel guilty doing just that! As for never running in front of anybody... well, as you’ll see from runners shoes, leggings and shirts, none of them are exactly afraid of looking ridiculous! These are runners and for every 100 of them 99 will have started out at some point, the other will have run all though childhood... that one we only see at the start of a run anyway 😂😂😂. Runners are supportive and remember where they came from, in the main.

Well done Shelley, that’s really brave. It sounds like you should definitely go and give it a try. Worst case scenario will be you decide you want to wait a bit longer to join them, but I reckon you will receive a warm welcome and lots of encouragement. Good luck and hope to read about how it went!

I'm going tonight too! I also have the same questions am slightly terrified!!@ 😱 I figure we both go and try it tonight Shelley, and if we don't like it we need never go again EVER!!!!

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Shelley2310Graduate in reply to Phoenix_flames21

That’s a plan, what times yours?

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Phoenix_flames21Graduate in reply to Shelley2310

Twas 6:30 tonight. I went and only bliddy finished the whole 5k!!!! Can't quite believe it. Feeling a bit shell shocked! How did you get on lovely?

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