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Run 1 Week 3

So, didn't post last week which was probably a good thing as had a bit of a wobble mid week and missed my 2nd group run. Felt really bad and made up for it on Friday by doing a lone run, ahead of my third run on Saturday which I actually enjoyed (that's something I never thought i'd be writing)

Tonight was run 1 of week 3. 3 minutes of running - me? Never! But, oh yes, I managed it. Whilst still last, the group stayed together much more and didn't end up too far behind. The trainers are helping, am concentrating on walking properly as noticed I don't walk correctly with my right foot which contributes to the knee issue but it is slowly getting better and my breathing is better so wasn't so out of breath when I got to the end.

Running with a group is great, the support is fab, we are supported by "advanced" runners from the running club which helps and, whilst there are some super speedy runners, those at the back are never made to feel a nuisance - which was how I felt in week 1. Am now, thanks to some good advice, focusing on my journey. If I'm last, I'm last but am still out there so am proud of where I am at week 3 considering where I was at the end of week 1.

Lets see what the rest of this week brings :-)

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Brilliant! Well done! It's great that you have a lovely support group who are helping you on your journey and giving you great advice. I'm sure with their motivation and support it won't be long until you graduate and then ....... :-)


hey sounds like you got great support, keep it up and you are a tail runner just like me. :) :) :)



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