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I am on wk 9, run 3 to accomplish. I must have started the programme about 4 months ago with having taken longer to achieve the times on some weeks. I havent lost a single pound or inch! I really would like to lose 10lbs. I do the runs every otherday, on the day between each I do aerobic routine for 30 to 40 mins and I walk the dog for half an hour every day. I dont eat excessively on a daily basis. What more can I do? Anyone else found no change in their weight or shape?


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  • Keep on keeping on and it will come off gradually. During the programme you are not burning that many calories tbh, but once you have graduated, if you either keep to your regular 30 mins or gradually increase the running time/distance, you will be burning more.

    You could try a more intense aerobic routine... the programmes like Insanity Max 30 and P90x are real calorie furnaces, and also come with a meal plan to go with the programme. I have done the original Insanity and P90x nd had dramatic results with both.

  • Thanks for the info I will keep at it

  • As said, keep running regular 3 times a week min 30 mins, you must keep it regular to shift the weight..

  • I'll keep going as feel fitter, would be nice to get slimmer too though

  • Me too! Not lost an ounce or inch! I would like to lose about 10lbs too but even with sensible eating nothing is budging. However I feel fitter and healthier so I am not going to obsess about it.Rignold's post sounds heartening in that it will eventually start to shift. I have only just graduated so maybe it is going to be a case of being patient. I read somewhere you body holds onto water to help muscles repair so this could be a reason I suppose.

  • Great to know its not just me ;)

  • That's not a long time in the scheme of things. If you keep moving and eating healthily you are bound to lose weight. If you have a critical look at what you're eating/drinking you will find out where the problem lies.

    10 lbs is not much to worry about and you can shift it by eat healthily. Just leave out any snacky foods, cut down on refined carbs and alcholic drinks for example, keep moving and see the scales shift. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins

    Good luck! Have a lovely final Graduation run!!!!! Once you've graduated and you start upping your distances gradually you will see more of a weight loss if you keep eating healthily.

  • Thanks for that from what you have said the weekend tipple will have to go

  • I bet you are more toned and feel a whole lot better in yourself and you have built a bit more muscle. Muscle weighs more than wobbly stuff so it is not so much of a surprise that the pounds have not melted away.

    You might like too try some other activities - at the moment you are restricting yourself to cardio and I think our bodies adapt and become used to what we do. Try some body conditioning perhaps - yoga, pilates, abs and core exercises and dare I say a few weights. These help with inches and muscle definition. Classes (no weights yet) have certainly paid dividends with me. Apparently muscle burns more calories than wobbly stuff as well.

    10 pounds is not a huge amount and if it is the last 10lbs it will probably be the hardest to shift. You probably need to be content to see it disappear very very gradually. Providing there is a calorie deficit, and you are active, then it will probably go. If you don't already, you could try keeping a food log just to check calorie consumption and portion size.

    Now that I have graduated, and my endurance has increased, I can dig in for the long slow runs and these apparently are good for fat burning. I read more than I understand! However, appetite has increased and around graduation time I was always hungry and needed to adapt my diet if I was going to run at my best. The good news is I eat a bit more but I am becoming leaner. Not sure if it means lighter as I am not a one for weighing - if the clothes fit well that is good enough for me! I have gone down a trouser size but then I was carrying a bit more baggage on hips and thighs compared to the rest of me.

    So, if you feel good, look good don't get too hung up on the pounds would be my advice and mix it up a bit. My daughter, who has just trained for her first half marathon, is a trouser size smaller but weighs more than she did three months ago!

    Graduation is tantalisingly near now, enjoy.

  • Thanks that's really interesting. I shall keep at it

  • This is an interesting discussion! I started calorie counting and eating healthily around 3 months ago now. Overall, I have lost 18 lbs (with 28 still to lose)! However since I started running, my weight loss slowed dramatically and I never eat more because of exercise. Sometimes, it takes me 2 or 3 weeks to lose a pound. I still think diet is the weight loss factor, exercise just seems to make me fitter and healthier. Still, I am loving running and graduated so not stopping now!! ๐Ÿ˜… Julie

  • No! the weekend tipple hasn't got to go, I like a beer & 2-3 STANDARD glasses of red over the weekend, but that's It, and still lost weight through running regular 3 times a week 30 mins plus....

  • My understanding is that running burns around 100 calories per mile -- and this is fairly well regardless of what pace you do it at. Makes sense really -- to transport a certain mass over a certain distance takes the same amount of energy overall , regardless of the rate at which it is moved. Of course, there are "efficiency" factors involved - as can be seen by the much better fuel consumption figures for modern cars as opposed to the old ones :) But for we humans , you can work on 100 calories per mile - give or take a few % points.

    So -- lets all go out for a 5 mile run -- that is 8 klms in the new money!! --- and when we get back home, we will all have 100 grams ( 2.5 ounces ) of chocolate - that isn't really very much chocolate is it? Guess what - we have blown all the calories that we have worked so hard at burning off over that 5 miles ( and maybe around 1 hour on our feet)??

  • Wow. That really puts food monitoring as crucial. I understand the theory of dieting i just need to work on keeping a deficit.

  • The secret really is to understand that some foods are much more "calorie intense" than others. Have a comparison between 100 grams of chocolate and 100 grams of lettuce!! :)

  • There are a number of websites like this one wisegeek.com/what-does-200-...

    -- remembering that 200 calories = 2 miles of running !! :)

  • A great link Bazza - thank you.

  • I have found a change (10lb loss) but I don't think its through the running so much. I got to week two and realised if I wanted to finish C25k then something needed to go - alcohol! I just can't run when I've had a glass or two the night before! So, I've been dry for the remainder and with that made better food choices. you sound really active - I think you will definitely start to reap the rewards from your hard efforts. Take a look at your diet and check that you are doing two things : 1) not underestimating how much food you really eat 2) that you are actually eating enough for your activity levels.

    Use an app like my fitness pal (this helped me enormously) and see if this helps!

    Good luck with run3 - make it your nicest one ever - enjoy ! :)

  • But I suppose the calories are being shifted in the first place, and its not like no excercise is taking place, rather than doing nothing and eating chocolate, and its not always someone eats chocolate after losing calories running. What's that word? Moderation!

  • 10lb may not be a lot to lose but if that is ALL you have to lose, then it can be incredibly difficult to shift. Maybe do some HIIT training a couple of times a week too - hill sprints are good. From all the research I have done it's the HIIT workouts that are the most effective for weight/fat loss.

  • Thanks, ive not heard of that, I'll look it up

  • People keep commenting on my new figure. Although I have only lost half a stone I am significantly more toned and therefore look different. I graduated beg August. I have been doing 30 min runs 3 times a week ever since and this is what made the difference for me. Not the actual programme. Although the programme got my fitness levels up so I am now a runner.

  • Ignore the scales and get out the tape measure! I've not lost that much weight but I've definately gone down 2-3 dress sizes. My body shape is completely different and much smaller even though I've not lost much actual weight.

  • I haven't lost any weight through running but my shape has changed and is more toned. I am doing the 5:2 diet again and am nearing my goal of 1 Stone off. Note to self, must start doing upper body and core exercises since all I do at the moment is run.

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