Late for Parkrun !

Well this morning I was just having an argument with a parking meter that didn't want my money when I glanced over and the runners were off ! Put ticket quickly in car as the runners were disappearing, but then thought why not try and catch up. So I ended up with a faster run but with a slower but still impressive time of 36.40 and overtook lots of runners on the way ! Very happy with that !! xXx

4 Replies

  • Parking meters, grrr... Chop off their heads! Well done on catching up!

  • Oh, well done. I often get passed late on by people passing comfortably at speed and wonder if they are just fast runners who arrived late!

  • Think that's what we were today (well faster than normal) my Daughter even got a PB :)

  • That's the way to do it!

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