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Beautiful weekend!

Beautiful weekend!

Leisurely 6 miles this evening just blown away by the beauty of the light and the landscape. What a bloody joy! Keep thinking of this Elizabeth Jennings poem (the bit about leaves falling as if they meant to rise, reckless and joyous like chucked-off clothes. Makes me happy)...


Fragile, notice that

As autumn starts, a light

Frost crisps up at night

And next day, for a while,

White covers path and lawn.

'Autumn is here, it is,'

Sings the stoical blackbird

But by noon pure gold is tossed

On everything. Leaves fall

As if they meant to rise.

Nothing of nature's lost,

The birth, the blight of things,

The bud, the stretching wings.

Elizabeth Jennings, 1986

Anyway. Enough of my hopeless romanticism. Happy running, all x

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Ah, Autumn! "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..." I love it!😀😀🍁🍂🍁🍂


What a lovely post Tea_fairy. You're right, Autumn's coming with that lovely yellow light that turns everything golden. :)


What a lovely feeling that must be to have in you as you run. And because your fitness has freed you to keep this up for distances like 6 miles, it would go on and on. Thanks for the images.


The fitness does come if you just keep plugging away: I'm lucky to live somewhere so beautiful because it does make it easier to tolerate the sweating and the aching!

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Thanks for the poem!


She's a good poet, a bit underrated and well worth seeking out. Her work has a lovely gentle way of seeing.


Komorebi... :D

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Oh gorgeous! Had to look it up - thanks for the new word :)


"pure gold is tossed on everything". Oooh! Beautiful.

Sounds like a lovely run. I'm off to check out the leaves in the vineyards now. They're turing red.


Gorgeous, gorgeous. I adore this time of year. Thanks for posting and good to see you back TF.


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