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Week 5 Progress

Well.... I did Week 5 day one okay. Have to admit I felt that I could do another five minute run at the end but I held back sticking to the proposed plan. Yesterday I completed day two, I have to admit to being quite surprised at how well I am doing, or maybe this is all down to whoever designed the C25K programme. Tomorrow, I am to attempt the first ever 20 minute run. I have seen many posts here that this is where many fail. I have to admit already that I have never ran for twenty minutes my entire life, so if I manage this it will be a first for sure.

If I survive this run, I will post how it went.

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You are doing well, if you repeat your pace and breathing, you will do 20 minutes too, the programme is designed to make it achievable. Just relax and believe u can and let us know 😀


Good Luck ! You are ready, the programme is designed to build you up to this . Slow and steady is the way.

Count it into 5 minute chunks in your head if it helps .

Deep breaths, keep calm, you can do it !

You can then post on here and tell us how amazing you feel :-) xxx


Actually, not so many people find the next one difficult - we never use the word fail on here! You will find many more posts full of pride and exhilaration following a successful attempt. The programme has got you ready for this. You have managed well up until now so no reason to expect a problem tomorrow.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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Please don't mention the F word ;)

If you've managed week 5 run 2 (which you seem to have done), the programme has prepared you to complete run 3. You'll be fine. Take it nice and slow. Put your trust in the programme.


You're doing well if you've got something left in your legs at the end. It's probably wiser to just keep it, like you're doing now, so as to not risk injury. Save it for later :-) If you're managing the interval runs with ease, then the only thing that could get in the way of run 3 for you is gremlins. Don't listen to them if they come telling you their nonsense. You can do it.


Listen to Gary because I ran for an extra 5minutes on Monday and now I am hobbling around with a sore ankle. Good luck tomorrow. You can do it!!!! 😀


Ha, I remember thinking I would never be able to do it. But I did. The first 5 mins were the worst!


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