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Unexpected and unintentional intervals

Didn't feel like it again this morning but I know I have to keep pushing myself to get out. I knew the route I was going to take though and intended to just keep going until I stopped. Unfortunately (!) I checked Gwan after a while and realised I was close to sub30/5k and vanity overtook good sense and I went for it.

Took a short break, then set off again to run the rest of the way home, had to stop to cross a road that isn't usually that busy, then saw that the level crossing in the distance was closed. My first thought was "drat, I could have done with a break but I bet it'll be opened by the time I get there". Sure enough, it opened when I was still a way off. Ah, well better to keep going than have to stop again.

Blow me, if it didn't close again right as I got there - one of those 'do I dare dash across?' moments. I didn't, don't fancy being on one of the regular crossing-jumper photos the local press love to splash on the front page! After standing for over a minute, it was obvious it was going to be one of the long waits so I jogged up and down the pavement for 5 mins. Saw the barriers raising, jogged back down to cross........just as they closed again!! Three times in less than 15 minutes!! And twice just as I reached them! I'm sure the bloke in the box was havin' a laff!

So, anyway, my little run turned into an interval run with a lot more interval than I wanted. I think I deserve a cuppa and a chocolate digestive, so I'm going to have one. ;-)

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That's so funny but I understand as I had exactly the same problem where I lived before. I spent ages planning beforehand when to run to avoid the dreaded barrier, but in the end just went for it and took pot luck.

Well done for keeping going and getting some intervals done!

Love your tag!


;-) Wasn't quiiiiite the word I used, especially the second time!!

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Go for it!


Ha ha - a good workout anyway!


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