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Treadmill to road

Well I have done couch 25K on the treadmill, then when I went out to run on the road, I just couldn't do it. The road is SOO much harder, so I have started the podcasts again from week 1 on the road. I want to go out and run, not stuck on a machine in the house (I work from home so need to get out more!).

So the first run absolutely killed me, but I am just totally unfit (doing this job I suppose).. and I think because I didn't stretch afterwards my muscles hurt so much for days afterwards I couldn't go out again that week. So I started again, and it was a lot easier (I did lots of stretching). I am now on week 3 - I am absolutely loving it. But my question is this. It's not exactly flat where I do running, it starts off a steady uphill then a long downhill, when I know I am half way through a podcast I head back up the massive hill.. it's really the only way I can run from where I live. Am I best to stick to running like this or when I do my longer runs, is it best to do it on a more flat ground?

Thanks for reading, I am determined to get there this time, I have a holiday to Florida booked and I want to be fit, not fat when I get there - only 13lbs to go! :-D

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I did C25K on the treadmill for a week, then went outside, mostly on grass but also Tarmac. It is more challenging outside but just relax and get used to it, in fact I would only go back to a treadmill if there was a blizzard blowing now, the air is fresh and I sweat less, can breathe well and it is much more interesting, I can even run in different places - fields, woods, country tracks so it is like exploring. The time goes faster too, plenty of distractions. Julie


Well done or getting out of the door! Stick to your hilly route, the hard work will pay off.

I am in a similar situation, no flat routes unless I drive to the rugby pitch... so I did all the program on an ondulating route ... and just before the turning point there is an incline that even seasoned runners do huffing and panting :)

Hills can be hard, but your legs will look fab!!


You've done c25k on the treadmill so you can do it outside. Hills will be a problem at first but stick with it and you will be stronger for it. I didn't and hills terrify me. Outside is so much better in the long term.


Hey thanks guys, yes I totally agree - it's so much better running outdoors. I am going to stick with the program, even though I found week 1 horrendous (it has been about a year since I did the C25K on the treadmill!) I am finding week 3 an absolute breeze - maybe I was just having a good day but it is a shorter week, only four runs in total, whereas week 1 was 8 runs but I know it's to increase stamina. I can't wait until I can do the full 30 mins and increase from there. We have some woodland not too far away so I will be able to run from my house, and then around the lake, it will be fantastic - it's beautiful down there.

Thanks again, :-)


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