Training run DNF. Happens to us all

And today was my turn.

Went out aiming to do 16 miles as marathon loometh and I need to get the miles in.

All went smoothly for the first 9 miles and then I tried a new trail I had not run before, whihc possibly was my mistake as it was really rutted and overgrown which made steppging gingerly the running style of choice to avoid turning an ankle. After a mile or so of that I gave it up as a bad idea and turned back, but my legs were really protesting by that point. I can knock out a 10 miler without problem usually so was quite surprised to be feeling it so much. At 12 miles I took a 30 seconds breather to finish off my water, but o woe! The first step I took again was awful. My knee was screamimng that it didn't want to play any more. Given that I was still 5 miles from home at this point, there wasn't much option and as walking would just make it hurt longer I pushed on. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided or I managed to ignore it. Those miles seem to stretch out horribly.

Then, at 14.7, a miracle! My wife drove by in her car, having just picked up my elder son from a friend's house. The chances of this were remarkably slim as I was out on an unusual rout down very minor roads, but it just so happened that way.

they stopped and I took on more water and a boiled sweet. She suggested she give me a lift home. I was only 2 mies away by that point and decided I may as well press on. Luckily for me I set off before she did as I only made it a few steps before I realised my knee wasn't taking me anywhere and I had to limp back to the car.

Have now iced, elevated and compressed and will rest it tomorrow, and keep to a slow 5k on Monday. Probably just the combination of distance and terrain. But it goes to show how a run can go not to plan regardless of how long you have been doing it, how far you can run etc. The difference between me now and me a year ago is I now realise it was just one bad run. It was not a failure as I still got out there and ran, and just because I couldn't make 16 today it doesn't mean I won't next week (although I need to hit 18 next week).

Still kicking myself about those missed miles though. Or i would be if my leg wasn't elevated, compressed and iced.


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  • Ouch. I hope the knee is fine after a bit if rest. Just be careful on Monday. Sometimes things just don't go to plan and you seem well ahead on the learning curve of accepting that and shrugging it off :-) Good luck.

  • Ouch :(

    Keep well rested and take it easy.

  • You did well. Thank goodness for your wife!!! Now rest up and listen to your body

  • Oh Rig, you do give your body a hard time! Hope it feels better by Monday.

  • Aw Rig that's a total shame when the mind is willing but the body ain't. Still that's a long run and I'm sure you're as well prepared for the marathon as you can be. Id say a fair percentage of the runners on the day will have had similiar hiccups in their training too.

  • Holy Crap !!! Speedy recovery , Rig .

    When is your Marathon and which one are you doing ?

    Good Luck :-) xxx

  • bummer ! rest up and I hope your knee recovers quickly

  • Thank goodness for small miracles! Hope your knee recovers well so you can get in your long distance next week.

  • Oh my goodness! Sorry to hear that your knee gave out especially are you're training for a special event. RICE and you'll be back at it soon.

  • Take it easy!! Sounds like you did a pretty brilliant job with a knee injury. Don't kick yourself (or try to). Get it sorted then you can get back out there.

  • Rest up and you'll be back soon, wife swears by movelat cream rubbed in.

    Thought you'd gone through enough pain recently.. Didn't you fall out of a tree a little while back? Sorry to remind you!๐Ÿ˜•

  • Oh bu**ery bo**cks Rig! What a flipping nightmare. Hopefully with lots of rest and icing you'll be good to go in time for Marathon day. Icing is the best thing really. Do you freeze cups of ice and rub them up and down the knee? I made some and they last about 8 to 10 minutes but don't half take down the inflammation, which a boon as it helps with the pain. Do the icing thing several times a day. A bit of a faff but it will pay off. I would go to bed with an ice pack on as well

    Good luck with it

  • Take care... get sorted soon! Can't think of you on the IC... :-)

  • That's what happened to me when I injured me knee, (actually IT Band). The week prior I had run 10 miles without a problem. The week in question I did my track repeats and tempo runs without a problem but then I went for my distance run and only made it 6 miles before I had to stop because of the knee pain. Luckily, I was only a mile from my car and was able to limp back. The week after I did my track repeats and tempo runs again without a problem but when I did my long distance run, I had to stop after 6 miles. I had planned to run 12 miles but unfortunately, I was 6 miles away from my car at this point. That was a long run that day. I would walk for 2 minutes run for 1 minute and repeat until the pain got so sever that I was walking for 5 minutes and running 30 seconds until I got back. The following week I didn't run at all until Saturday when I had a 4 mile race. I could only do less than 2 mies, even with a brace. It was at this point that I went to see a doctor. I've been seeing him every week or two and am now able to run 6 miles again before the pain gets bad. Good luck with your knee Rig! Get it checked out before you tear something.

  • Hope your resting well. The last month is often more tempting to push but store up that extra motivation for race day. No problem in taking every other dat as a rest day if you;ve gone the distance in training. Enjoy the marathon, wherever!

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