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painful hamstrings

I've just finished my first week of couch to 5K and my hamstrings are in agony. I'm presuming its DOMS as it started the day after my first session. The 'rest' of me is coping well but backs of thighs hurt with every step. Any advice or suggestions?? I'm really motivated and keen to get onto week 2 but don't want to do any damage. Could it be my running technique or shoes or most likely just the DOMS which will get better with time?

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IT is really difficult to say --- I would assume that you have done little physical exercise before starting C25K???? If so, many people have done Pre-C25K by walking for a month or so - starting out slow and short and gradually walking "brisker and brisker" and increasing the time out to over 3o minutes - say 4-5 times per week.

You could possibly also rest up for a short while until the majority of the discomfort goes away - and then start over again , making sure that you run slowly.

I do believe that it is just your muscles objecting to what you are now asking them to do. I had shin splints for the first few weeks but they are now long gone.


Hard to say but are you stretching post run and taking the rest day. This is when muscles build


It is to be expeted that you feel discomfort after the firt week of any regular excercise. If you had just done your first week of weight lifting or dping an exercise video three times aweek you would feel sore too.

If your shoes are not good this will not help, and if you are intending to see this through you will need to get a decent pair that you have taken advice on in a running shop. Needn't cost more than £50 but should be right for your foot. That isn't going to be a major issue with the running volume in the first couple of weeks though. Most liekly just your body getting used to the new demands upon it. Muscles, joints, tendons etc, it's all new stuff for them. Make sure you rest and make sure you stretch.


I would be asking the same question as GettingFitter. Are you stretching after your runs? Also, are you leaving a day to recover between each run? Might just be worth having 2 or 3 days break to allow your legs to recover so you get a better idea of what's going on. I remember when I started out it was my knees that gave me gyp and I quite often had to have a couple of days break in between runs to recover so it's not the end of the world and as your body gets accustomed to the exercise it does get better :)


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