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The power of music, great weather and beautiful scenery!

Ran w6r2 yesterday and I'm tempted to say it was one of my most enjoyable runs yet!

I think running on the first day of spring, listening to my own music for once(!) and running in new uncharted territory all helped to keep me SUPER pumped and excited!

I really pushed myself on this one and it was so much fun :D (no I'm not a masochist haha)

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Sounds fantastic! Who would have thought it before we took this up!


Don't push too hard at this early stage in your running. There's no need and the last thing you need is to get hurt.

you can enjoy the sessions without straining yourself. It's not about that, it's all about finishing. Run steadily and carefully and you'll complete the programme without getting hurt

It is so much fun, and knowing you've ticked off another run is just THE best thing isn't it



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