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The I'm still here Quest week 3 - Feel free to join.

Welcome to Week 3

(17 August - 27 September)

Week 3

To confirm last weeks comments, I find it amazing the journeys that some of us take from the same beginnings. This week Actonhighstreet completed his first marathon. I have decided as he will start the new virtual run of with a whopping 42.2 km he should get the choice of where the next virtual run is going as a reward.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing from John O Groats to Lands End.




























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First of all a massive apology for not replying to all your well wishes about being able to run again. As always I am touched by the thoughtfulness of you all. Home is a bit all over the place at the moment with big doctors appointments coming up. Running has been GOOD. But I have made the decision to train smarter not harder. So I will be doing a smaller speed run as well as my easy long run (5km). I had a really good walk this week as well 9km in 1:29:29. So I was really pleased with that as it had hills it it. I sort of did my self in because it was a walk to the shops and I had the day to myself so I shopped for 3.5 hours after that. Got some nice goodies but was very tired. on Thursday I hit 49 years and start the countdown to the big 50. I think I will start a challenge of 1000km for the year. I am going to count walking, running and swimming and cycling if I get the bike out again. I have a feeling I might have to up it as its 19km a week. But 1500km is 28.8km and seems a little too much, maybe I have to go Inbetween. Happy running to everyone and thank you again for all your support.

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Hi RFC and Happy Birthday- it sounds like you've got a good plan.

As there's quite a contingent of French-based C25kers, shall we try and run from London to Paris?

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That's a nice thought AHS! I shall be happy to think of my runs counting towards our journey x

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Thank you. Sounds like a great plan. I will look forward to organising that one, at least we know the first one has a massive distance to get us off to a good start.

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I'm so happy for you to be back out there, you must have been going nuts! And happy belated birthday too! That's a whopping goal, good luck, and keep us posted.


I'm a bit crocked this week, I have a wonky disc which is playing up. I haven't run since Friday, it's going to rain tomorrow so I hope I can get out. As the weather is getting cooler, I'm hoping to do some longer runs, I haven't run much over 7K in one go for months. I'm missing those LSRs! Other than that I will do one intervals and either a 5K or some hills each week. Much as I was doing before the heatwave stymied my progress! People have said running in the heat should have increased my stamina, lets see!

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Thank you. I hope your disc is behaving. I suppose the fact your body is under more pressure works it harder in the heat, I hadent thought of it that way. Happy running.


Hi guys love AHS idea 😀 I have done 20 min easy run today 1.7 miles and 40 mins core with weights and stretches. Only easy runs this week maybe an interval session as on taper for the HM on 13/9 😀




Thank you. Well done on your core and weights. I really must push to do better with those. Keep sane during your taper remember your doing this for fun. Good luck.

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Haha I know I did become slightly obsessed on the run up to GNR which is Sunday ahhhhh help 😅 on carb loading at moment which is hard after being good for 6 weeks !! Will let you know how I get on xxx


Happy Birthday Rfc 💐....liking the sound of your plan .

Three runs for me last week ..3.7K,4.7K and a Speed podcast,plus fitted in two bike rides ( around 8K and a shorter one ) and a bit of walking .

Managed to finally register a weight loss after a long plateau period ,so I'm happy about that 😊

Have a good week all x

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Thank you. Good to see you out there again. I realised this week it is a year since I've been on the bike. I did the Tri and put it in the shed. I really must try and find the love. Have a good week.


Happy birthday RFC and congrats on getting a running schedule well and truly in place again, along with major hill walking. I look forward to hearing how you progress with your 1000km challenge! That would be so cool :)

I did a major bank holiday walk yesterday in saltmarshes in North Norfolk, all flat but the challenge was to keep momentum going through wet ground, downright sticky and sometimes quicksand ground, as well as lots of leaping over and even wading through small rivers. Had wellies on but sometimes had to wade barefoot, one time with my bf on piggy back, feel like I'm turning into the fit one in this relationship :)

Runningwise this week I ran 5.33k (slow in rain with a stitch :( ), 3k (faster) and 6k (decent pace), so feel like I'm really leaping forward now :)

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Thank you. Sounds like a good work out for your legs probably better than squats. Looks like your really finding your different paces with your runs. Happy running.

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Belated happy birthday RfC! Also liking the sound of running to France next.

I did well last week, three runs and 2 yoga classes. Runs were 6.5k, 6.5k and 5.5k. One of these runs was up Corstorphine hill in Edinburgh with my jog scotland group. Some very tough hill paths to conqueor but I really enjoyed it. Rona aka Fitfor60 was there too and saved the day by giving me a couple of jelly babies when I started to feel a bit light headed. Had 3 sets of visitors staying since Thursday so going to head out shortly just to give me some time on my own before I go out to meet a friend later.

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Thank you. Sometimes a jelly baby is just what you need. They are my fuel of choice. That and orange juice mixed with water and a couple of twists of pink salt. Hope you got a bit of down time on your run. Happy running.


Bit of mixed week. Good mon run and jogscotland session on wed. Did last long run on frid but didn't go quite to plan. Ok start apart from first 20 mins which always struggle with. At mile 4 wondered what I was actually doing but blip didn't last too long. And then there was mile 7 -9 Very very strange Feeling fine just running along when suddenly just stopped! Happened about 6 times. Although I have talked about date for GNR for months now just didn't click it was the 3rd anniversary of my mums death. So on the run my mind kept wandering and found it hard to focus . Wasn't particularly sad just kept thinking about my mum and Grandson who is ill and probably feeling bit sorry for myself . Get a grip Rona . Saying all that I did quite enjoy run but as was 30 mins + more than usual think I might have to rethink my estimated time for HM . But hey got out there and ran so does the time really matter Of course not ( well maybe a little)

Have good week everyone


Emotions go all over the place leading up to an event I've found. I think it's because it is so important to us, add in everything else and I'm not surprised you had a bit of a wobble. I did my Tri in memory of my mum and there were tears as it got closer but on the day I just went out and enjoyed it. take care. Rfc x.


Happy Birthday rfc and well done everyone.

Only one run this week. Visitors early in the week then grotty belly yesterday.

Run was in the form of a new mission - spying :) The break in the canal is a cheeky little 7k round trip from the boat. My mission - which I've chosen to accept - is to get pictures of the progress. Thought pics every other day would be useful, but the first 2 visits have proved I don't need to go that often, and we certainly aren't going home any time soon!!

Likely to only get 2 runs this week as have to do that work thing....


Thank you. Hope your feeling better. Maybe the pictures will prove how much they are not working! I know the feeling that Rotten work thing does have a habit of getting in the way dosent it. Happy running.


Happy Birthday RFC !

Did a 10k race last Sunday and then didnt run again until yesterday , a 5k Great Run.

Back to Running Club tomorrow and thinking of doing some hill work on Thursday and the parkrun on Saturday

Have a good week y'all ! :-) xxx


Thank you. Well done on your 10km event. You have got a very balanced training plan going on there. I am put to shame, I must try harder. Happy running.


Thanks RFC xxx

Hey dont be so hard on yourself, youve been out of action for a while , theres no shame in that at all ....

Take care and hope youre soon back to full strength xxx


An OK week...getting to grips with regular meditation, fabulous run in the wind and rain. Missed out on getting a swim in for one reason and another (essentially trying to accommodate my nearest and dearest who then end up not being able to go)

On holiday now so we'll see how that goes in terms of running but I am sure it will be quite an active week. I've got some really nice new running bras which are great to wear anytime so that'll help me be ready to seize any opportunities.

I am *very* pissed off that I will have to work on my son's tribunal case during my very precious holiday (we don't get one every year) but I have decided I'll do a few hours every morning before everyone else is up.


Hope you holiday is going well and you've managed to fit it the work without too much disruption to your holiday. Happy holiday.


As Wednesday was a really foul day, I declined my usual long interval run, and went to the gym instead. I get really, really bored on a treadmill, so tried to push pace instead of stamina for once. I did a variant of W1 which involved 4 sets of sprinting 1 minute, normal running 1 minute, sprinting 1 minute, walking 90 seconds. I quite enjoyed it!

Did Parkrun on Saturday, not bad, within a minute of my PB.

3 good long swims, 1 Aqua class, 1 weights, 1 day helping daughter move house.


They say that speed training is great on a treadmill because you don't get all the variables that the outdoors throws at you. Helping someone move us an exercise and a half. Happy running.


Another week done! I managed 3 runs: my usual 40 minutes on Tuesday morning, 20 minutes of intervals on Thursday morning, and a parkrun on Saturday - despite being away visiting family for the bank holiday weekend.

(I can recommend the Shrewsbury parkrun! It's a lot flatter than my local one and I finished in 36:22, much faster than my hilly PB of 38:45. Woohoo!)

This week is off to a good start, with a 40-minute run this morning before it started raining. :) A very slow one, though only just got to 5K in that 40 minutes. I'm worn out after that weekend away!

I also did two bodyweight training circuits last week on Monday and Wedesday nights... I totally forgot about that yesterday, though, since it wasn't a normal Monday. I'll have to do them on Wednesday and Friday this week instead.

Hope everyone else's week is off to a good start!


Well done on you pb for parkrun. I am going to have to work harder your all doing really well with your weights and Stregnth. Happy running.


Happy birthday, Rfc :)

Okay, well, back in dear old Blighty and the weather is cold and wet :( I managed a starter run, back from the IC, which was 10 mins warm-up, 5 mins run, 3 mins walk, 5 mins run, 3 mins walk, 5 mins run then 10 mins walk home again so will try and repeat that a couple more times this week, plus will try and fix up a visit to the chiropractor to sort out the effects of 9 flights over the last two weeks :/ If she gives the all-clear with my pelvis, I'll try and get down to the pool; then I'll also get back to the upper-body exercises with my free weights. Other than that, onwards and upwards!


Thank you. Good to see you out there again. It feels good dosent it. Slow and steady. I'm still waiting to get back in the pool. Happy healing and running.


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