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Got pulled ahead of week of week 4 a bit

So as much as I tried to stick to the times given, at running club they were well ahead of me and so dragged me along with them on their week 6 - end! Thankfully it would appear my kick boxing had already improved my stamina enough to keep up with them.... and run the 5k park runs! I completed my 3rd 5k run on Saturday and my times have been better each time :D 32:07, 31:30 & 30:18. Now I just need to work on my hill runs during my own running route as there's a mean incline on that park run that I mean to beat into submission!

I am, however, still able to stick to the C25k as I have a friend who's doing it & we meet up for a run every Tuesday.

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Sounds like you're an expert when it comes to this running lark! 30 minute 5k at week 4?! I still haven't run 5k at all!!! 😂 Good work. ☺

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