Running for Fitness

A good read between training sessions perhaps?

This generously shared, interesting, authoritative and readable e-book by an experienced amateur runner called Owen Barder is a useful companion to guide us through our new running habit.

Although I have only read the first five chapters, it does seem very comprehensive and probably has almost all we need to know in one place.

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  • Just had a quick peek and that looks really useful. Thanks.

  • Yes - this is a good source of info. Unfortunately his running plans all are 5 days per week. I find that 4 days is about my limit.

  • Had not picked up on that - thanks. Not ready to plan for anything beyond Park Run at the moment! I was appreciating it more for all the other info at this point - nutrition, injury, kit and so on... Can never really see me running more than 2-3 times a week in the future!

  • I have gone to 4 days per week - but last year found that every second day was good. Gave me a rest day between any running workouts . Just have to change your concept of just what a "week" is to be able to do that . So my running" week had 8 days in it and the week started on a different day each week!! :)

  • Good info thanks

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