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End of Week 4

Done my finally run this morning on Week 4 and it didn't go well at all, so a question to you all. I have been doing this plan at the gym on the treadmill but last run today I had to do outside as being away for the weekend and it didn't go as well, which I did think it would be harder running outside - so my question do I repeat Week 4 before attempting Week 5?

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It depends what you mean when you say it didn't go well - if you finished W4R3 just go on with the program and do week 5. Indoor or out some runs may often feel harder than others

Running outside is harder than on a treadmill but also much better - in every way, but especially for the head! :)

Happy running :)


You'll run cooler outside (unless there's a fan blowing on your treadmill). You can also change your pace to suit how the run is going at any moment, where with the treadmill you have to hit the speed button all the time. I suppose if you found it unpleasant, then that's the way you felt, though, and what I feel about running outside (much better!) is irrelevant.

If you finished the runs, and you don't have some injury or niggle you're afraid will turn into an injury, you can probably try Week 5. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe it doesn't work out? Fine. You'll get some exercise, and you'll know you need to hang around in Week 4 for a bit. I did that several times, and it wasn't a big problem. You still get exercise, and you get a bit faster in some previous run, rather than more enduring.

So why not just try Week 5? (Even on the treadmill if that's really what you currently prefer).


Thanks for the replies Pigivi and gary_bart very much appreciated. No injuries at all - I just don't felt ad though I ran so well and as my hubby said who ran it with me, we had quite a bit of gradients which on the treadmill I don't. I will start Week 5 on Monday and see how it goes like you say gary_bart what can the worst that happen! I will let you know next week on my progress.


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