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How to lose 90,142 calories!!

I seem to have plateaued out weight-wise lately - not losing or gaining any weight. I did gain a couple of Kg while away in the US for 7 weeks recently but seem to have dropped it off again now .

But I just noticed that my Runkeeper log - which has recorded all of my "runs" since January 2014 is telling me that I have burnt up 90,142 calories . I wonder where they would have been now IF I hadn't burned them off??

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Wow Bazza that's a mighty stat.

I'm now picturing you battering away little calories with a light sabre a la Star Wars....


So you think that is a big number? - I should have said 378,000 kilojoules (as that is what we use here in Oz -- we went metric ages ago!! :) )


Now you're just showing off! 😆😆


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