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W2R3 Asics Plan

Well tomorrow the plan jumps from running 1k to 2 at the same pace. Needless to same I'm nervous already! It feels much the same as that terrified anticipation of the W5R3! I'm hoping I can manage at the readjusted pace- I was huffing and puffing in the going further so slowed it down which is great.

I don't really mind that I'm going slower than the plan worked out, cos it's just lovely to be off the injury couch after 4 months! Isn't it great to be running?! I've missed it so much I think my family must be wondering when to call the people with the straightjacket!

Anyway, I'm hoping that by loosely sticking to the plan that I might be able to run my first ever 5k around the time of my runnerversary at the end of October. Reading the inspiring runnerversary posts on here really helps keep me going, so thank you :-) and happy running!

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You'll fly it


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