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No HM today

went for an afternoon run despite the 'lightly overcast' promised by the weather forecast being blazing sunhine. First 4k was brutal. Really muggy as well. Then as I got to around 8k big black clouds rolled up across the levels and at 10k the heavens opened and let loose a downpour of Biblical proportions, complete with thunder and lghtning, trees bending sideways etc.

I started heading back at that point. The rain, heavy as it as, was quite refreshing at first, but being out on the Somerset levels during lightning is a bit uncomfortable, when you realise you are the tallest point in sight. Got home without getting zapped though. Garmin read 20.67km as I reached the garden gate, but today my runner's OCD was not strong enought to get me to do another 430m to make it up to Half Marathon distance. 20.67 in 2:09 will do for today.

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That's strange that Rig, here it was forecast heavy rain all morning, I went out dressed to park run accordingly. the only way I got wet was the amount of sweat! Never rained one drop all day! And that is unusual for this area.


Good going Rignold in the heat, rain, lightening........


In March this year, I ran a 10K which was part of a HM course - there were about 5000 runners - 2000 in the HM and 3000 in the 10K -- the start time was the same for both races - and at around the 8K mark, the message went around - HM cancelled - do 10K only!!! At that time it was raining in torrents and the weather bureau predicted worse. The year before , a similar thing had happened and a person was killed when a tree fell on them - so the organisers were obviously very worried this time :) For me , I "somehow" managed to do the 10K in 1 hr 3 minutes -- I don't really believe the timing device!!


Hell fire Rig ! I can imagine you bombing along the trails , uprooting tree trunks with your bare hands and throwing them over your shoulder ! Ha ha ! :-D

It has been so muggy today , horrible . Well done ! Xxx


It must of been so muggy. Not to of gone those last few meters. It's good to

Is ten to your body. It really does know best so well done for overriding that OCD and doing the right thing. NEXT TIME. 😃.


That's pretty damn good I'd say!!! And that must have been a bit scary up there??


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