1st parkrun :)

I've finally done my first parkrun at Bushy Park in 39:13 which is so much faster than any time I've done 5k before. I managed 43:05 in April but nothing better than that since then. Looking forward to seeing my time confirmed. I ran with my very fast friend who did it in 21min but says she's done it in 18 min before! She walked back from the end and ran the last km with me encouraging me to keep going. I could tell by then I'd make it under 40min and was excited. Lots of others were really encouraging too. Happy days :)

Edit: My time was confirmed at exactly 39:13. My other stats were far from impressive! But at least now I have a good basis for further improvement, plus I know this time would have been much harder to achieve on my own :)

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  • Well done you. Bet you feel great now. Great time, too. Tis very hot here so if the same where you are even better achievement

    Jules x

  • Yeah it was hot but that's good in a way as I can only do better next time now :)

  • Great stuff, lovely feeling when you get a pb!

  • Yay, and first official one too :)

  • Great! Well done! A nice circuit BP, and one of the easier runs, I go there on occasion.. I did a harder Parkrun today and in the heat was blooming tough and slow!

  • I need to stick to the easy ones I think! Congrats on surviving that tough run in the heat :)

  • Ruth, I would have been at BP today, but my friend couldn't make it so just did a local one, would have prefered to be at BP being a hot day..

  • It was a great environment to do a first parkrun. My friend lives nearby so I stayed over. I think she'll be doing it regularly from now on as we both had such a good time there. I might stay over and run there again too :)

  • can get a nice bacon butty there afterwards as well!

  • Not so great from a vegetarian's point of view but I see the appeal! We went back to my friend's and had an eggs-based brunch and lots of coffee. It is a really great park though. We saw some deer and a massive stag on the way back. Big contrast to my usually more urban surroundings :)

  • I thought as much! maybe a cappuccino then ha, yes makes a nice change...

  • Glad you got loads of encouragement. Really nice of your friend to come back for you too . Well done, great effort! X

  • Thanks! Yep my friend's great :)

  • well done...

  • I haven't done Parkrun before, registered and have the armband but only on week 6 starting Monday. I couldn't even run 5 km but yours was a very good time. I want to start to measure the distance I am covering and speed too. You should b very proud of yourself, thanks for sharing ur post ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Thanks. I graduated about 3 months ago, so don't feel any pressure! I took my time to make sure I was ready for a parkrun, and glad to have done so, it was worth it :) Good luck finishing couch to 5k. Measuring etc comes later, once you finish, to give yourself more goals etc. and motivate you to keep achieving more goals :)

  • Well done and what a lovely friend you have.

  • Amazing. You helped me through with ideas on toes a few days ago and the stretches are working Thank you . Everyone helps everyone in this environment. It truely is inspiring.

  • Glad those stretches are working :) there's loads of helpful and inspiring folk on here. Def keeps me going:)

  • Blimey - what a reduction!!! Really well done. I love Parkrun :)

  • I know. Ive been struggling to get below 45min on my own. This time will be hard for me to beat, but I'll definitely try :)

  • It is a strong message about the benefits of running with others! You'll have to keep 'saving yourself ' for Parkrun โ˜บ

  • Well done! You should be so proud. You have done so well. You almost make me want to try.....๐Ÿ˜›

  • Try! It's a long gradual process and definitely achievable for anyone with enough determination :)

  • Well done Ruth ! Thats fantastic , oh what a lovely friend you have too :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug. My friend is so gobsmacked I can even run. It was amazing to see her walking back towards me and start to run alongside. Very happy moment :)

  • Is this the same Ruth who can't get under 48 mins? That's a fab time, you should be very proud and excited about what great time you're going to get next XXX

  • I've been improving recently and got my 5k time to 45:49, so was hoping to get under 45mins. Couldn't believe the result I actually got in the end. Have been very encouraged by your posts recently CurlyGurly. Have bought some new headphones finally so will look at those C25K+ podcasts again and hopefully keep improving :) Hope you're progressing well and enjoying your runs too :)

  • Aww that's kind of you to say that! You'll be overtaking me soon!

  • Yeah, right! I think when I go out on my next run on my own I probably won't get an under 40min time again that easily. Lots of improvement needed here! Looking forward to at least feeling like I can improve, and knowing what I'm capable of :)

  • I usually hover around 38 - 39 mins for 5K, it was a real slog to get under 36 mins last week! Not something I want to do every time! It's a long slow plod isn't it? I'm so envious of people who can do it easily right from graduating. The good thing is that we ARE making progress, and enjoying our runs...

  • I also think you get the same out of it in a way, as you're still pushing yourself further each time, raising your heart rate, focussing harder on your breathing and developing better running muscles etc. And 39mins does not feel slow to me. Some of my laps were under 8mins, which for me is lightning speed :)

  • Its Laura's fault, leading us to think we would do 5K in 30...To be honest, I'm not surprised at how it's gone for me, I used to swim before I took up running, and made very slow progress on my speed there too. I'm built for comfort not speed! I do have good stamina though, so that's something!

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