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Testing or Exercise (Running)

Tonight I have just watched a recording I made earlier in the week all about testing for deceases by the as usual brilliant Dr Michael Mosley. I guess we are all here on this forum and the C25K, because we all wanted to make positive changes to our lives? The program dealt with are there any real benefits to screening for breast cancer/colon/bowel cancers, heart decease, dementia etc. He ultimately left it for the viewer to decide if there was or wasn't but he did suggest there are everyday things we can change that offer more benefits than testing for things before they happen. He said, drink in moderation, don't smoke, take regular exercise, eat healthy etc. Things we have all heard for along time now. Well I for one would be terrified at the thought alone of some of these tests, let alone any confirmation of an impending decease. So for all those who say, I can't run 5k in 30 minutes, I'm not fast enough (that's me) my muscles ache after a run etc, the real moral of this posting is this, it doesn't matter about any of aforementioned things, the biggest thing of all is you are here amongst us, doing something, trying, making positive changes. So to hell if we are not the fastest, the longest furthest endurance runner that ever lived, if you have to walk at times, just keep doing what you are doing, stay motivated and get out there regular and from the sound of things, you should ultimately benefit. So anybody thinking of doing a park run or saying am I ready, just do it, its the getting out there that matters, I'll be up and out for mine. Good luck and stay well.

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Thanks for the post. That's really encouraging!


Here here, great sentiments. We are all off that coach doing it for ourselves and your right that's the best thing we can do for our lives.


Very well said ! Brilliant post xxx

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