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An expanding muffin?

Reading Our Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark who talks about the universe as an expanding chocolate chip muffin. Well, not quite. Do you too read food into your daily experiences? Well, my goal is that muffin, but as a reward, on the weekend.

Weather less than inspiring here on the Baltic. After a normal breakfast walked along the shoreline- dotted with blueberry patches and wild raspberries. Tart and concentrated - not quite ripe beries, but am envisioning a weekend muffin. Trying to stay on the 1400 cal per day for the next 3 months want to lose 11kgs, walking lots, going to the gym, swimming.

Any inspirational ideas? Thanks for letting me join healthunlocked. Like reading your own stories

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You sound really motivated. well done. I think it's good to do a mix of exercise. It certainly stops you getting bored.

I decided to reward myself with an ice lolly at the end of today's run, but when I found the van only had whippy cones I WALKED AWAY!!

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nice and funny reply, thanks



You've carelessly strayed into the "couch to 5k" board, so here's an idea for you: Why not try running?

You go to the gym, so perhaps you run already, but if not then the c25k course will take you from zero to running 30 mins 3 times a week in the space of 9 weeks. And while you may not lose a lot of weight as a direct result, running will help you tone up and become fitter and more healthy. It's great in combination with some resistance work at the gym too.

Either way, I hope those muffins are for sharing ... they sound too good! ;-)

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thank you- a great response! will do


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