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Simply the best!

Week 3, run 1 and the last song on shuffle happened to be 'Simply the Best'! Not heard it in a long time and talk about appropriate! It played during my cool down walk. I felt like I was walking on air and grinning from ear to ear.

I changed my route too and really enjoyed the new scenery! The 3 minute run went so much better than I anticipated, I just took it really steady and enjoyed it. I ran past a man in a wheelchair and realised just how lucky we are. We have this wonderful opportunity that some cannot experience, let's use it :-)

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Well done and really well said! We often don't realise how lucky we are to be able to get out there and run.

New scenery does help too, I find. There are several routes round here that I keep thinking about trying but haven't got round to as yet - probably because I haven't as yet worked out where they go! :-)


Thanks - it felt pretty damn good! I know what you mean, it takes guts somehow to try a different route! Well it did for me, as I'm fairly new to this area, so I too don't really know where anywhere leads - I've not yet run a circular route as I fear I may never see home again :-)

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So glad you enjoyed your run.

Gave me a laugh too.

Made me look at my playlist - most apt for me ... Keep on walking - Gabrielle Aplin.

Maybe we need a music for running thread. Run free - Rebecca ferguson gets my vote.



Ha ha! Yes we should get that thread running! Like your choices! :-)





Wow, you've gotta love a bit of TT. Was right there with you for a moment.


Oh yeah she's the woman!!!!! I like her rendition of Tony Joe White's "Steamy Windows" His aint bad mind you

Well done Lizzie. Sounds like you're having fun. Good! that's how it should be

Running is really good for searching out your local area' short cuts and footpaths. I check em out using Goodrunguide, which shows all the footpaths, either as a map or on satellite and you can toggle between them to spot where you are on a particular bit of the route (you are shown as a little runner) I love it!


...'coming from the body heat'... Love it! Shame I'm not causing steamy windows, just stinky trainers!

The goodrunguide sounds to be just what I need, will definitely check it out, thanks m.w :-)


Lizzie your doing great. Can't wait for you to join us post grads too. All the best. Keep up the good work and keep posting J


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