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week 8 Run 1

I have started my week 8 today and it is really enjoyable the happy feeling is still there. I was worried when I start if I could be able to run for 28 minutes then I decided to run slowly. The first 1km was brisk walk-->then the second km at the speed of 6.08min/km-->the 3rd km at the speed of 6.11min/km -->the 4th km at the speed of 6.02min/km then the last km at the speed of 5.44min/km.

All together I run for 5.38KM in 28 minutes. May 'Mapmywalk' app showed I had7328 Steps in 33 minute including the first 5 minute warm up walk.

I am very proud though I was slow. I think It is not bad with shin splint.

Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the C25K

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I wouldn't consider 5.44 mins per km slow. ultimately the aim isn't speed it is time and distance the programme is concentrating on. Most people would say that speed comes later. Enjoy the sense of achievement which comes with completing the programme rather than getting hung up on speed. Good luck

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