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Ashwaganda supplement

Have been on Ashwaganda for the last 3 months, and wonder if it's helping me with my running with regard to energy and staying power. I know that there's a lot of scepticism with regard to supplements, and what with the report on the trust me I'm a doctor tv show.

Maybe I should stop taking them and see if there's any difference in my performance.

Is anyone else taking this supplement? If so, what are your thoughts and conclusion on it.


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You are right to question.

Non medicinal supplements that can be bought from places like Holland and Barrett are mostly not needed or just placebos. Anything that is a genuine medicine is regulated and if a substance genuinely works it becomes medicine. Your body is a self regulating system, if you put something into it that it doesn't need like too many vitamins or antioxidants or whatever it will just throw them away.

Nothing beats proving it to yourself so I would encourage you to test your hypothesis, preferably with some numbers rather than how you feel and save some money.

There's nothing wrong with being sceptical, certainly better than accepting everything at face value.


Makes me wonder how Holland & Barrett keep going then, if just placebos. Going such a long time.


Makes me wonder too


what is it, I haven't heard of it before??


Hi, JJ

Look at the link woodshealth.com/ashwagandha...

I've been trying it for over 3 months. Can't say if I've noticed any benefit's, but wonder if it's given me any extra energy and helped me stay with the running.

Always check out the side affects though, there's supposed to be some.


I used Ashwaganda, in tincture form , but in an "ad hoc" herbal medicine - not as a supplement in a tub, so it may be having a different effect.

I did find a difference in my sleep pattern, energy levels and hormone balance - and the blood tests resulted in a (slightly) improved thyroid function - so maybe , it could be giving you more "energy" - being an adaptogen it can cover different issues though.

I usually do not take supplements, that was given me by a medical herbalist.


I'm sure to get lambasted for sticking my nose in here, but believe me I only wish everyone the best.

Adaptogen whilst sounding scientific isn't an accepted word in medicine but has been co opted by the herbal industry to make their products sound better. As a concept it is theoretical at best.

Herbal 'medicine' isn't medicine. Do not put anything into your body that is advertised with phrases like 'some believe' or 'it is thought that'. This is a red flag that they cannot make specific claims as they have no evidence as to its efficacy. Phrases like 'used for hundreds of years' are meaningless, if it worked your doctor would be prescribing it.

Certainly do not take the word of someone on a forum (including me) when you're talking about something that is supposed to affect the chemistry of your body. Do some research yourselves and sift the vague and over marketed from the actual medicine. Look up something you know about like aspirin and see the difference in the information available.

I'm not a know it all on my soapbox, just a person like the rest of you trying to help.


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