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Personal messages you are unsure of

I realise today further to my earlier post there is no way to report a personal message that you are unhappy about. I take my job on here very seriously and I would like you to feel that you can personal message me with details of any post you are not happy about. Either send a message to me and explain why you feel unhappy about something or add me to the message that has caused you concern.

I have the back up of the site organisers if something is really out of order so I can help.

Sometimes it is an etiquette problem and can be resolved very easily with a little help and instruction but sometimes it needs to be addressed firmly. I am fine with both and work to keep this site the friendly comfortable place we are all used to.

Please don't let any of these posts make you feel nervous as this really is one of the most friendly sites I have ever come across. I will continue to work to keep it that way as well.

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Thank you!




You do a grand job RFC, thank you! x :-)


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