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Breaking the running 'fast'

It may have taken a while ... but I've finally just "got back out there and done it"!!

Got a Garmin for my birthday and I had the guilt that I hadn't run in so long! In the last 2 weeks I've run 8 times and completed my first 5k since May 2014 on Sunday. 34:54, which I was chuffed with, considering the long break!

I've got the runner high back (though this only comes when I finish a run, not during; that's still hell!!!) and it's making me wonder why I stopped for so long!

Hey ho, onwards and upwards!

To everyone else out there, keep up the good work :-)

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That's a fantastic achievement and a great 5k time seeing that you've had a break from running. 'Up and on', as they say.


Thanks :-)


Yeah why did you? Oh well that doesn't matter now, what matters is you're back. Well done you!

Have fun out there x

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