Shin splints :'(

I've succumbed to the dreaded shin splints. Haven't been out for a run in 11 days as they're still sore (they only hurt when I go up and down stairs now, not when I walk). Had thought for a while that my running shoes weren't supporting me properly so have finally had gait tested and all that, have a shiny lovely new pair of trainers to try out, tried a run around the block this morning and the shins hurt like hell. I'm so frustrated as all I want to do is get out and run. Has anyone got any advice? How long until they feel better?

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  • It varies and you'll have to be your own judge on this one! You could try ice on the shins, compression running socks, calf exercises until they calm down...mine lasted about a week when I first started and not had a problem since. Oh, and no 'heel striking' or get trainers with good cushioning on the heels. Good luck!

  • Oh rotten luck!

    I've been out for weeks with shin splints and am waiting to see the physio. Like waiting for flamin Christmas! I was in absolute agony and could hardly walk at times, not able to put my foot to the floor. Ice is good!!!! I make ice cups and roll the ice block up and down my shin and the front of my leg til it's all melted, which takes about 8 to 10 minutes. You have to keep the ice moving so it doesn't burn you. Then I have a pack as well which I put on regularly and wore it in bed as well. I got strong painkillers from the doc (Naproxen) I've not run. Don't try to run until it's completely better!!!!!!!!

  • Oh Miss Wobble, after I wrote my post I did a search on here for shin splints and read your whole saga. I feel for you, I really do! It sounds like yours are far more extreme than mine, I only really feel them if I touch my left shin or if I walk down stairs, but of course running hurts a lot. Are yours improving at all? I've sadly packed away my new running shoes and fancy insoles that I've bought to prevent me ending up in this situation again as I guess I'm going to be off running for a few weeks at least. It's very frustrating!

  • Have bought the new trainers but it hurt so much when I tried to run that I guess I need to wait a while before I can see the difference. Thanks so much for your advice.

  • Don't forget to ice! It really helped me. As did the anti-inflammatory medication from the doc. The advice I read was to stay off running until it's completely gone. When I do eventually get to see the physio I can pass on the advice.

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