Couch to 5K

No more mixed feelings

I had a fantastic run last night using intervals. I ran faster than I would have down actually pushed through longer than I planned before having a slow down minute. For the first time I covered 5K (although in 48.5 min) but I covered it and at least 4.2 k was running. Feel renewed and I DID ENJOY IT!!! I will continue with this for a while but I now know I will finish week 8 and 9 when I am ready. Thank you for your advise and support. I don't feel like I have failed now and can't wait for my next run to improve my time.

I also used the Rock my Run app for the first time and it was brill.

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Sounds like a great run!

If you can run for 48 mins of intervals and enjoy it, that's way better than a 25 min sold run that you find a chore.

The point of all of this is to become fitter and discover the joy (!) of running! I do reckon that in a few weeks you'll come back to the program & finish it but in the meantime just run what you enjoy.


Ug said it so well. It's about the joy of running, so do what you enjoy (as long as it involves running) :)


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