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Racing heart beat

I've had a couple of instances in recent weeks where midway through a run I've had heart palpitations and seen (and felt) the measurement from my HRM shoot up from 150-ish to over 200 in a few seconds. After a couple of minutes it settles back down again.

It is something that I have experienced before over the years, but I never noticed a correlation whereby if I did X then it would happen. So I never spoke to the doctor about it. These recent times have been the only ones where I've "seen" the effects via the HRM.

I had an appointment with my GP for something else and mentioned it whilst I was there and although she didn't seem overly concerned at the time, she booked me in for an ECG and blood tests etc, and a follow up with one of the other GPs at the practice who is a cardiac specialist.

I had that follow up last Thursday. The test and ECG results were all normal. I told the doctor about the previous cases as well as filling him in on how I'd taken up running etc.

The end result is he thinks I suffer from SVT (Super Ventricular Tachycardia - I think) which is apparently just something that happens for some people. It isn't a sign of a more serious problem.

He's not worried about me running, or my plans to possibly attempt a half marathon. I've just got to keep an eye on it and go back if it becomes more frequent of the instances are more prolonged. Although if it ever happens and lasts for more than a few minutes I'm supposed to ring for an ambulance.

If it does need treating there are medication options as well as a surgical procedure that can sort it out.

I feel a lot better about it now after having seen him than I did before I went. I was a tad worried - not that I let it show :D

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Glad to hear it's not serious. Better to get it checked though - at least now you have peace of mind!


Hi. I'm sure this is what my dad has got. He takes a tablet now to help but he had a very similar thing. His sounded worse as he used to throw up and have dizzy turns sometimes. Keep an eye on it but that's good you chatted about it. Not worth any risks. Hopefully it won't effect you much. Be careful though. X


That must be scary when you see and feel it without knowing what it is. Glad you had it checked and that turned out to be okay.


Pleased you've been checked out and that you can keep running x :-)


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