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Healthy Heart to Heart...


So - time for Aussie to 'fess up...

I've been having a battery of cardiac tests done lately off the back of a recent health assessment and some "irregularities" in my ECG under exercise. All a bit of a worry but due to family history all worth checking out...

After resting ECG, exercise ECG, echo cardiogram and a CT coronary angiogram over the past few weeks, I can now confirm that I am, in my cardiologists words, "entirely unremarkable"....

Best way to ensure I stay "unremarkable"? Keep exercising and keep eating well...

Losing over 3 stone, stopping smoking and getting fit has been the best thing that happened to me... this result from the cardiologists makes it even more worthwhile... funny thing is that even while having all the tests done, the cardiologist said "don't stop running"... better to be fit and have a problem than to be a couch potato and have a problem... he did say it was probably a good idea to stop if I felt chest pain (uh huh - thanks for that!)...

C2K changed my life, it also (and I have no doubt about this) gave me every chance of lengthening it... keeping active keeps me sane ... and it just might keep me around long enough to see the little Vegemites blossom into Olympic marathon runners... hahaha... :)

Happy running y'all... didn't want to post about all this "fun" over the last few weeks until the "results were in"... the only thing stopping me running now is me... the ticker is tickin' along quite nicely!

Here's to more running then!

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Haha... hadn't read those... heart attack inducing tags from HU... nice!

You're right though - it's a massive weight off my mind and just confirms that I have pretty much nothing stopping me now... my family all had problems with cardiac trouble at an early age. Just knowing that I don't have any narrowed arteries and that all my bits and pieces are working just fine (for an old bloke) is fantastic news...

Here's something they told me today though - they would have LOVED to have done the same tests when I was 100kg, a smoker and eating rubbish.... the "difference" that exercise and a decent lifestyle makes is something to see apparently... :)


Glad to hear you got a clean bill of health Aussie!


Fantastic news Aussie, just fantastic!! What a relief for you and MrsAussie and what a testament to the benefits of this amazing programme. No wonder you're loving your running after all the good it's done you. :)

How lovely to be described as 'unremarkable'! When I first got ill and had the MRI, strangely none of my family were at all surprised when I got a result which said I had an 'abnormal brain'.

People can be very cruel.

You are an inspiration, my Antipodean chum!


Great news Aussi. I know how that can be having the ? hanging over your head. Three years ago they found an anomalie in my left lung, and had to go for a lot of tests, scans, fibroscopy etc. In the end they decided it was a benign tumour and they would just keep an eye on it with scans once a year. Then January this year they decided it was time to take it out before it got any bigger (2.5cm). So january 28 I went into hospital to have half the left lung removed. Within 2 weeks I was home again to convalesce for a month. All that time the French health service have been marvelous. During my month off work I walked every day to try to get fitter (the first day I managed to just get down to the river where I now run), euch day a bit further. Last time I saw my doctor he sais I can forget about it now. Apparently with enough execise I'll get back to like before the opp. In fact I'm hoping for better than that with the running :)

So worrying about test results is a stressful business, I can sympathise. I also know that the all clear is a good excuse to restart your life with a new lease of life :)

Keep enjoying the running Aussi :)

Long may your ticker continue ticking. So glad there was nothing amiss and must be a weight off your family's minds.


Hooray! So glad the outcome of all those scary tests has been good. It's enough to make you worry about every little twinge isn't it? Enjoy your running now.


Phew! I like the positive bit at the end but really wasn't sure about the scary part at the beginning!

So turns out as well as being fun (subjective term, fun) this c25k lark is also a big insurance policy against many nasties. Long may 'entirely unremarkable' reign!


Hey Aussie :) we havent spoken much but so glad you have been passed fit or unremarkable :D must have been a worry :( up and at em Aussie :D


Great news Aussie. As someone who has a not very good (read shockingly bad) family history of heart trouble I can sympathise.


Glad to hear you are medically unremarkable aussie.

You are remarkable in all other ways tho :D Keep on keeping on

Great news Aussie and fantastic job for turning your health around. So many people don't and pay the price.

And such a relief for your family and friends. Brilliant.

What a relief to be 'unremarkable' in these circumstances - excellent news. I hope your docs are suitably impressed with what a huge change you've made to your life and attitude to health over the past year.

Have to say the advice to stop if you feel chest pain is simply marvellous. Seven years of medical school...

What a relief that must be for you and Mrs Aussie...fantastic news and isn't it brilliant what a healthy lifestyle has given you :0)


Glad all is well Aussie - I'm sure that will make you feel better as you do run


Blimey Aus, that mustve been a worrying time for you, but so pleased to hear the scores are in and everythings " unremarkable " :-)

You can now run to your hearts content, Run wild , Run free my Aussie chum ! :-) xxx

Great news and a reminder to all of us. We start this for a reason we should stick with it for the same reason. Glad your all ok and as the doc has said happy running.

Great news and a reminder to all of us. We start this for a reason we should stick with it for the same reason. Glad your all ok and as the doc has said happy running.


We shouldn't be surprised to find that exercise is good for us. We all know it is, but many of us don't choose to do anything about it before we're forced to by a health scare

Good for you Aus for getting in there early! You look after yourself mate.


Gosh Aussie, you've had more than your share recently haven't you? I've often found that health "scares" all come together, hopefully now you will get a clear run with blinding good health! It sounds like you have the very best medical access possible, and your optimistic outlook will carry you through. I had all those tests a few years ago when I had an irregular heart beat and a very high resting heart rate, I wasn't really worried about it because I've always been fit. The heart is a muscle too, and needs exercise! I'm so glad you got the all clear, happy running xx


Can't change your genes but can change what you do with them. Bravo!


I'm so glad to hear that you are unremarkable! What a relief to you and your family - great news, and happy running x


No wonder we hadn't heard from you recently! It all sounded a bit nerve racking but you must have been so pleased with all the changes you made before this scare! I remember your photos which must inspire you still and others including me !


Fabulous... What a relief and Youve achieved so much... Well done you!!!

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