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Having broken my little toe 15 days ago I was told not to run for 4-6 weeks, I was gutted having only graduated 5 days before the break. I saw a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon on Friday and he told me I could not harm the toe by running. So up at 6.30 this morning and back on the road. Decided to do Week 6 run 10 mins, walk 3 then run 10 which actually turned into 15 mins run . I feel encouraged that I should be able to get back to 30 mins continuous running in the next few weeks and it felt great to be out and running again

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That's great news. Hope the little one was ok at the end......


Yes thanks it felt fine actually quite comfy in the trainers....


Wow running on a broken toe, that's one to note!

Well done on showing such commitment. I hope it won't make anything worse. Still, if an expert said it was ok then crack on (pardon the pun!)

Take it steady, nice and easy does it


The toe felt OK , i was more bothered by the bites I had on my other foot rubbing against my socks but at least i got out there

ps- love a good pun !!!


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