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Back pain

I'm on w4r2 and am feeling pain in my lower back, around the top of my pelvis and into my hips. I'm not sure if I have trapped a nerve or if I have done this from running. If from running I am not sure how as nothing happened on my run to hurt. Could it be because I have been so unfit and now building up the muscels or could it be sinister? Has anyone got any ideas? My next run is due Monday, so have a couple of days to rest. Just worried I'm doing something wrong and don't want to injure myself or stop running. Cheers.

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If you search on this site for "pain in lower back" you'll see lots of threads about this and some advice too. Stiffness in the lower back could be caused by tight hamstrings. Do you stretch after every run? Have you had problems before or do you just have pain when running?

Pilates is great for stretching this area and building up your core which is critical for running and a weak core sometimes causes lower back pain too.

Try stretching and doing some exercises and if it doesn't feel any better then maybe a visit to your doctor or physio would put your mind at rest.

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