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Hot weather & running are a poor combination

It hasn't been the best of weeks running wise. Last Saturday I was out & after 3km I got a pain in my right hip & I was very sweaty indeed. I walked the rest of the route. The hip pain was niggling so on Tuesday it was just walking. Thursday was a very slow 5km. This morning I had intended to do 10km but had to stop at 8km. It was felt so hot and this was at 7am. I came home, showered & had to have a lie down. I love the summer but the hot weather & running is not a good combination for me it seems. I drank water while I was out, ate beforehand - all the usual stuff but I feel absolutely shattered now!

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Oh dear! Weather like this makes me glad to have a treadmill. Are there any more shaded/covered routed you can take?


8k is fine! Yeah, it's hard work when you're all in a lather and overheated

It's normal though so don't worry about it. I hate running when it's hot, which lets face it isn;t that often, so I go out late in the evening and just jog round the local streets


I agree! It was so humid this morning that I felt wiped when I got back - haha, needed wiping too. Thought I wasn't going to ever get my sports bra off as I was so sweaty!

But we keep on going, so award yourself a big gold star for your efforts this week.


I was out at about 8.30 this morning , definitely agree ,running in the sun and heat are more draining , even you if hydrate etc before and after .. Hope you feel cooler and recovered soon :D


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