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Here I am, back with my tail between my legs. I've been very naughty and haven't run properly since March, due to: starting a temporary teaching job in the local lycée, going on holiday to Dubai (I tried, but even really early in the morning it was just too hot for me!) , more teaching, moving house, and recently starting a new permanent live-in job with my husband as guardians of a château that is rented out.

I've been meaning to start running again for ages but I'm not sure what level of fitness I'll be at now. I think I tried a few runs in May and had to stop a few times on my 30 minute run and I felt pretty useless. I think it's time to admit to myself now after so much time out that I'm not just going to be able to 'go for a run' and I will need to build up my fitness again.

What I'm really wondering is if I should start the whole programme again, or from a bit further on - say week 4?

Has anyone else had a break as long as mine and gone back to it? Did you start back at the very beginning?

Any advice greatly appreciated... I NEED TO DO THIS!!!

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I would give it a try starting at week 4. If it seems too easy try jumping forward a week. If it's too difficult, drop back. Just see how you feel after the week 4 run. Remember that weeks 5 and 6 are the transition weeks that move you towards running for more sustained periods.


Iw ould say no you don't need to go back to the programme. Just start running consistently again for whatever duration you can manage, with walk breaks if necessary, and build up organically.


Life does have a habit of taking over.. but welcome back nonetheless

What COUNTS is that you are back.. and ready to run again, surely?


I remember you Petra ! Welcome back ! :-)

Just give it a go and see what feels comfortable for you . Slow and steady , deep calm breaths .

Good to see you back ! Come on then , chop chop ! :-) xxx


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