Couch to 5K

Oooo that was a hot one! W4r1

What has happened to me! I woke up at 6.45 and put my running stuff on....normally I would turn over and grab another 15/30 mins snooze!

I knew I had to start week 4 today and wasn't looking forward to it knowing I had to do 5 mins run...and it was going to be hot (not a lot of shade where I run)

Well...I did the first 3 runs ok...the 2nd 5 minute run was really really slow and I admit I stopped around 2 mins for about 30 secs breather but that's way better than I would have thought I could do....

Currently sitting in the shade in the garden cooling off before I's bliss!

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well done though.. keep up the good work...


Thank you AAM x

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You're doing so well, managing to get up early to run when it's cooler. I thought I had it tough doing c25k in feb/march icy conditions but this heat makes it really hard. Stay hydrated and hope its cooler for your next run!


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