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Post race interview here

Oldest woman (70) to finish the 100 MILE Western States Endurance Run - she finished 6 seconds inside the 30 hour limit - this past weekend. Yes - that's right!!! 30 hours!!!

From the website --- " With more than 1,500 dedicated volunteers, offering the sport’s oldest and most prized possession – a sub-30-hour finisher’s bronze belt buckle or a sub-24-hour finisher’s silver belt buckle – and owning 100-mile racing’s richest and most compelling history, Western States remains one of the undisputed crown jewels of human endurance."

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  • I think that sort of endurance event is for the very few, I can not imagine what it feel like to be out for 30 hours. I know how I felt at 3 hours. She is amazing. She doesn't look 70 at all.

  • yes -- these people are "special" -- unbelievable !! But not something that I aspire to !! :)

    You have of course heard of Cliff Young - the 61 YO Australian Potato farmer , winner of the 1983 600 mile race between Sydney and Melbourne

  • awww thanks Bazza...I hope I don't have to wait that long to get to that distance!! That is truly amazing, I would love to meet her, I bet she has a few stories to tell...

  • Amazing! How does she do it? And all the others as well - I cannot even contemplate the idea of not sleeping for 30 hours, even without the running!

  • Awesome! Respect to the lady. I bow down in awe. She looks great doesn't she. A picture of health and strength. Great interview that. I really enjoyed it. She mentioned Tweitmeyer going down to the finish line to watch her. Ooooooooooh, he's a god in ultra running circles. She must have been pleased to clock him cheering her over the line

  • And she's been running ultras for the past 28 years - before that it was "just" marathons!

    It's more than awsome, was just looking her up and found her profile on Strava... up to date in 2015 she ran1,617.7miles!

  • Right... reading about ultra runners before going for my run made me tired: I had to stop after 2 km!!! ;)

  • We have a big Marathon here on the "Gold Coast" this coming weekend - the race starts at 6:30 AM, which, since we are an hour away , is a bit too early for us to see witness the start, but I am thinking of going down to encourage the back/last finishers.

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