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Have managed to get behind with week 8 dur to constant hospital visits to see dad who was admitted suddenley. First one now done. This is the first one that i could have said come on lets stop and have a break for various reasons, not enought time to eat late in the day very warm and lack of fluids we were very jelly legged by the end and almost having an out of body experience. All very strange indeed. But we stopped to pause at the end and to give each other the usual pat on the back. We reflected on how far we have come and both agreed that although that run was tough it wasnt as tough as the first minute of week one . before we knew it we were feeling very emotional. Strange thing this running lark. Never have i had such an emotional journey over something that 8 weeks ago meant nothing to me . so tonight after we see the kids off to their prom then off we will go on w8r2. The end is in siggt and there for the taking

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Well done. A very much deserved pat on the back. Hope your Dad is better too!


Well done and yes, you are nearly there! I think running really helps when times are hard and sounds like you've been having a worrying time recently. I've had quite a few runs like you describe and they almost always happen when it's warm and I've not had enough fluids. Might be something to do with blood sugar too cos the last time it happened I'd had a chocolate biscuit about half an hour before I went out so think I'd had a wee spike. Hope things improve with you dad and just remember to drink and eat well today and you'll have a very different run tonight. Good luck!


Sounds like you've a lot on your plate for now so no wonder you have struggled a bit with your running. The great thing is that it can provide a real release and give you some head space when you are going through difficult times.

You're doing great - nothing will stop you now!


Sorry to hear things are difficult for you at the moment with your dad and the constant round of hospital visits. I feel certain that getting out to do your runs will help with your feeling of well-being and will keep you stretched and limber. I say that as tension can really wreak havoc with your body and you can end up very tense in your back and shoulders to a point where you lock up. So getting out for a regular jog will work wonders. Keep it nice, slow and steady. Easy does it

You're so nearly there so press on.


So many nice people on here thankyou


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