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Finish or not?

So, I've made a start. It's a big step as I'm very unfit. I've just finished Run 2. I've been aiming to do 20 mins of exercise as I can't run for as long as the programme suggests and after 20 mins it's still showing that there's still work to be done - presumably because I'm so slow. Should I aim to finish the programme each time (but perhaps not running when it says, all the time) or run as much as I can but finish after 20 mins?

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Another alternative is to give yourself a couple months to improve your base, and then start again. I spent two months walking regularly before I started c25k, and I think it helped me tremendously by giving me a bit of a head start on lungs and leg strength. I probably wouldn't have been able to complete the program without these two months.

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For the moment, try to do as many of the 1 minute running stints as you can and just fill out the remaining time with brisk walks.

Keep doing the week 1 podcast until you are able to do all 8 of the running stints before moving on to week 2. As tough as it seems right now, just go as slow as you can and it will happen much quicker than you expect right now.

All the best.

I am not quite sure what you mean by "after 20 mins it's still showing that there's still work to be done". What are you referring to?


After 20 minutes of the programme I still had 2 runs left to do today which I think it equated to 6 minutes.


I am guessing that you are using the app (as opposed to the podcasts) and that there was a technical problem (possibly a loss of 3g/4g signal).


Ah, that's entirely possible. Thanks


I'm in a similar position and i basically told myself i was going out for a very brisk walk during which i attempted to do as much of each running interval as i could.

i wouldn't attempt to to run as much as you can in 20 minutes, no.

There should be a 5 minute brisk walk at the start and the end and 20 minutes of mixed runs and walks in the middle for a total of 30 mins.


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