Replacement marshmallows

Replacement marshmallows

So, my new, marshmallow shoes ended up giving me a blister on the toe joint...they were fine for the first 10 minutes, then they started rubbing. Took them back to the Running Room (Canada) who stuck by their word and changed them for these blueberry and lime delights! They are super light - it's as if I have puffs of unicorn breath on my feet.

Two runs to go and I'll graduate- might need a hand to pull me over the finish line. Feet are good, but the gremlins are lurking.

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  • You'll be fine , you're so close now! Especially wearing the unicorn shoes!

  • "Puffs of unicorn breath" ..... what a lovely expression :)

    Imagination like that will keep the gremlins in check. Visualise minions hugging the gremlins until they start giggling. Now back to my evening tipple ....

    Good luck :)

  • OOh, they're gorgeous! I want them! x

  • Dead groovy. Want...

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