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Couch to 5K
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Excellent start to the week, completed week 9 and finished couch to 5k :) Over the moon with myself, I hated running and now I really enjoy it.

What do I do next?

I don't really want to progress to 10k because I have to wake up early (half 5) to be back in time before my partner goes to work so have to get up even earlier to do that.

I haven't reached the 5k mark, should I work on reaching that?

Should I do that by training to run faster or just increase my run by 10 mins or so?

Or do I just keep going for half hour runs?

I'd love to know what you all have done for some inspiration. Just don't want to stop my running journey :)

Charlotte :)

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Congratulations and very well done. Completing the program os a fantastic achievement.

Do you have a Parkrun close to you on a Saturday morning? I graduated last week and that's my plan. Train twice a week during the week and run a 5 km Parkrun every Saturday. I'm the same as you, at the moment I just want to keep running and get comfortable at 5km and try to run a Parkrun in under 30 mins by September.

Well done again. Time to πŸŽ‰ celebrate. Keep running.


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Unfortunately not. I like the idea of doing a park run tho. I might just have to travel a little to do one!


Congratulations Charlotte! Well done.

Initially just bask in the glory....then as many of us have done, runs for pure joy...just because you can, just run....familiar routes, different routes and different distance, but, and this is important...consolidate those thirty minute runs...:)

Our running muscles, stamina and strength are well on the way, thanks to C25K, but as misswobble says..building running legs takes time:) So get comfortable with those runs before you move on.

Nothing says you have to run a 5K or a Park run or move to 10K... let the running evolve... this is your journey and you follow your own path, doing it sensibly and safely:)

I graduated in 2015, and run three times a week, varying distance, different speeds, have experimented with loads of stuff and did my first Virtual 10K for Charity two weeks ago :) I have no real running agenda, I run because I enjoy it... and then I ramble about it on the forums:) We are all so different and run our own paths...:)

So... head for the Podium..get your badge and party time later??? We will all be there... :)

Congratulations Graduate!!!!!

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Thank you! Think I will just go with the flow and see how things go.


Well done Charlotte, what a brilliant job!

I graduated about a month ago and at first puzzled and pondered about what to do next. I started off running a couple more minutes each week and then one day realised I still had fuel in the tank and just kept going. I'm now running 5k regularly and have started an intervals run once a week to try and speed up a bit! I'm sure your path will become clear in the next few weeks too.

I think Oldfloss is right, take it slow and steady, enjoy your running and listen to your body.

Oh and tell everyone you meet today that you can now run for 30 minutesπŸ‘πŸƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸŽ‰

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Well done to you too!

I just found the app to be motivation to go running, as I knew I had to complete something. If that make sense?


Absolutely but running regularly is such good fun (never thought I'd say that!) that it motivates you to go on

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