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I can almost taste graduation!

This afternoon I'm running the first day of week 9. Only 3 more runs until i graduate.

The last two runs I've ran for 30 minutes, i just turned my timer off and kept running which was hard. So i know i can do it.

My pace last time was 12.49 so I'm getting close but still not 5k in 30 minutes. That'll be my goal after i graduate in Monday!

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Once you Graduate you have all the time in the world to get to 5 k in 30 minutes. There's no rush. It will happen, you just keep plugging carefully, steadily away and you'll get there. As you get fitter and can run longer and further you will really start to appreciate your new-found skill. The freedom of being able to run where and when you like is just wonderful and will take you to some new places to explore.

Take care with your final runs. Make sure you enjoy them. The programme is such an important step on the road to fitness but do take time to savour and enjoy the final runs. They're going to launch you into the brave new world of longer runs hopefully. That's when your running really opens out in front of you

Good luck with them!

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