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Stamina anyone.......part 2

Thank you all for your feedback for the Stamina podcast. It's good to know we can help each other out when we have doubts. I've just got back from my first Stamina run! Yay! It was a challenge, especially the last 5 mins - But I did it and managed to do my 5k in the 35 mins. Now it'll definitely be part of my running choices with the other podcasts. Thank you again for the kick up the ....... you all know what I mean! Enjoy your running.....I'm even starting to enjoy it myself!

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Stamina is my absolute favourite! I used it for a race last night and comfortably finished my 5k before the end of the podcast. I love it! :-)


Good! These podcasts are really good and running them regularly is a good idea. I run them as they crop up on my playlist

Happy running SS!


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